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The consumer market is currently in a turbulent period of growth – new tools and opportunities are needed. Our technology allows you to interact with the user's stomach directly. We know exactly at what point in time a person will have a new need. At that very moment, Ponsumer can make your hot offer automatically.

Every seller exchanges large number of documents, accounts and certificates when cooperating with their partners: suppliers, shipping companies, regulatory authorities. All documents are generated in the private office of Ponsumer, documents are sent automatically and semi-automatically.

We have a unified platform that can support accounting, taxes, customs duties, and lending. All these are the basic functionality of Ponsumer.

Ponsumer easily analyzes large amounts of data – with the help of neural networks, in-depth training, recognition of objects in photos and videos – and provides these invaluable data to you.

You can track goods and control counterfeit, you can know what is happening with the product at every stage of its life cycle, from manufacturing at the factory to delivery at the store, you can see the route, as if you have an in-built GPS in every Snickers or pasta. Trading networks and customers have access to information on where the product was manufactured, which components were used, how it was transported, whether the storage conditions were observed, and much more.

Let's assume that a potato chips producer wants to know the share of its product on the shelves in New York stores compared to Los Angeles, what has changed over a particular period of time, what affected sales or how prices changed. The producer will get these data instantly.

A partner who plans to buy or a buyer who personally scans goods in a store, makes a photo with very valuable data, the Ponsumer processes and analyzes the information received and provides this information to the manufacturer, seller or other interested parties. Ponsumer can analyze and distinguish which goods are on the shelves of a store, what is the share, and also the effectiveness of how the goods are placed on the shelves in relation to other store shelves. Ponsumer has information about what kind of goods is out of place, what needs to be done to achieve the desired result. While performing the task of placing goods on the shelves, the partner is rewarded with PONS tokens.

Ponsumer uses cognitive computing, machine learning and sophisticated self-learning algorithms to handle large data in order to predict events and segment the audience. With such features as dynamic pricing, smart advertising and personalization powered by self-learning algorithms, Ponsumer opens a door for sellers to the world of consumers. Personalization and delivery of the desired message to the right user at the right time – that's what Ponsumer does.

Machine learning in Ponsumer finds hidden patterns of the behavior of your customers. These patterns will be able to predict your customer's actions when they are selecting a particular product. Once you have information about past customer interactions with a particular product, about food preferences, antipathy and purchase frequency, you will be able to increase revenue from one customer. You will be able to know when the customer returns or when he has already left you for your competitors. With Ponsumer, you can manage your advertising campaigns more effectively, take the necessary marketing actions to bring back your customer or increase his loyalty to you.

With the help of machine learning and predictive analytics, which are available in Ponsumer's private office, you can identify hidden trends, you will begin to understand your customers more, increase the efficiency of your business, and also be able to predict the behavior of your customers.

When a customer comes to your store, we already know the customer, we know his purchase history, gender, age, prevailing emotions and preferences, and we can continue to carry out full behavioral analytics, and give out appropriate specific recommendations. We know what a person ate a week or month ago, and so on. We remind you that you have not bought toothpaste for a long time, that sugar is running out, that the milk in the refrigerator may have spoilt, and that since you bought breakfast cereal yesterday, you will definitely need milk. These forecasting models will help you retain and develop the most profitable customers, and also reduce marketing costs. These tools will help you in purchase planning, distribution of stocks, replenishment of product assortment, merchandising and price optimization.

Thanks to the rapid developments in technology, consumers are becoming more mobile and can decide which product to buy in a split second. Retailers need to know as much information about the buyer as possible, even before he gets to your supermarket or start placing an online order. This would enable them to properly personalize their offer and deliver it to every customer on time.

The customer has already placed an order worth 5000 rubles. What will he buy next time?! When will he come again?! Who do you offer sweets or meat?! The retailer can receive answers to these questions at any time with the help of analytics, predicting how demand in any of the segments will behave. Do you know if this girl is buying milk for herself?! Or maybe she is buying it for her dog? Or maybe the girl is allergic to lactose.

Ponsumer converts a traditional, independent store into a new kind of impression, allowing you to make purchases in the entertainment format of augmented reality.

Ponsumer is the key to the birth of smart store, powered by the latest technologies and features of our service.

Optimization and analysis of a large amount of data can play a key role in: attracting larger number of visitors, boosting traffic, strengthening loyalty, personalization and building quality relationships with new consumers.

With RFID technology and Ponsumer API, you will be able to track goods in stores, semi-automated inventories will become available, you will know where a particular product is and will be able to tell the buyer or partner where to pick it up.

Ponsumer confidentially processes customer data from smart watches, fitness bracelets, and sports apps, it handles their GPS data, sporting interests, physical activity during training, favorite food and meals, transactions. Data from different sources of information, websites and other sources are processed in the retailer's private office. You will receive a full portrait of your customers, and most importantly, you will be able to contact the client personally.

A buyer is not systemic when shopping. He easily gives in to external stimuli and is prone to instant purchases. With the help of special algorithms, you can form the best offers with maximum conversion rate.

Ponsumer's important goal is to verify our partners that are doing business in our system and ensure high degree of information security.

We aim at ensuring that our service is as reliable and easy to manage as when turning on your phone camera in 2 clicks.

Ponsumer – a unified technological infrastructure for sellers and buyers, for order automation, assembly, order delivery, analytics based on technologies: Blockchain, AI and Big Data.

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