Automates purchasing & delivery from any store
Ponsumer – a technological infrastructure for sellers and buyers, for automation of ordering processes, assembly, delivery of orders, analytics.
Ponsumer features
Fully automate purchase
Ponsumer can replenish stocks of goods and products at home, in a cafe, shop, in a warehouse. You can fully automate your purchase and let artificial intelligence manage your purchases. You can also buy products by yourself from augmented reality stores.
Health care
Ponsumer knows what kind of food you eat, how much nutrients you get, and the effect it has on your health.
New level
Before, you used to go to the shop to buy things, but now any shop can come to you all thanks to augmented reality. Ponsumer converts a traditional, independent store into a new kind of experience, allowing you to make purchases in the entertainment format of augmented reality.
"Ponsumer can prolong your life by saving your personal time for you"

"And also extend your life further through analysis and tips for your nutrition and health"


Manage your purchases
Buy any goods from the comfort of your home.
Automatic planning of purchases, delivery on schedule, as necessary, by subscription.
Through photo and other parameters, it can determine what kind of food you ate, how much nutrients you got from the food and the effect it had on your health.
Collects data from your purchase history and fitness trackers, and gives shopping and health tips.
Privy blockchain tracks any movement of goods. The financial side of the transaction is available only through a private key that is formed as a secure, one-time link or full access. To be sure that the seller or buyer is honest, the ratings of the participants are publicly available. In addition, you can at any time request a key to any transaction.
How Ponsumer works
Download the mobile app from App Store and Google Play
Direct the camera of your mobile device to the product
The mobile app recognizes the product and finds a similar one in the Ponsumer network. It will also recommend a list of stores for you
You can mark the product and the program will automatically calculate how much nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates you have obtained.
PONS tokens
Payment for
Parsing and checking
Earn from the sale of goods and services
Perform Ponsumer tasks
Join to team Ponsumer
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